21 Best business ideas for 2021 | best business ideas in India

Best Business Ideas – Quitting 9 to 5 jobs and starting your own business is a really good idea. No Manager Stress. Freedom to set up your own working hours. No income cap. These are some of the valuable benefits of starting your business.

best business ideas in india
best business ideas in india

There are many young and dynamic people who want to start their own company. However, they drop the concept of starting a business due to lack of money knowledge.

If you’re one of them, this article is about you. In this article, I’m going to address both these problems. I’m going to share a list of business ideas that can be started with a small investment of 1 Lakh.

For better understanding, I have grouped these business concepts into the following categories.

  1. Low Investment Manufacturing business
  2. Food-based business ideas with low investment
  3. Product-based business ideas with low investment
  4. Service-based business ideas with minimal investment

21 Business ideas in 2021 with small investment of 1 Lakh:

Best business ideas
Best business ideas
  • Low Investment Manufacturing business

  1. Face mask manufacturing

Face mask is in great demand and is expected to stay in demand. Face masks are of various forms, such as fabric masks, surgical masks and N95 breathers.

You can start cloth mas and surgical mask company with a low investment of less than 1 Lakh. Surgical face masks are made of two or three layers of non-woven cloth and plastic material.

You can opt for handmade face masks or buy bulk face mask machines. You’ll at least need a face mask machine and an inner loop welding machine to get started.

  1. Sanitizer Dispenser Manufacturing

The use of the sanitizer is increasing. A good sanitizer is required almost everywhere. Here you’ve got two separate business options. You can make a sanitizer or you can make a sanitizer dispenser.

The raw material needed for sanitizing is glycerin, alcohol, isopropyl and chemical. Before starting a company, you need a deep understanding of sanitizer making.

Another alternative is to start the sanitizer dispenser company. You need to spend money in the purchase of a sanitizer dispenser manufacturing unit. You will need a small space to start this venture.

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  1. Incense sticks

Incense sticks are on demand both in India and abroad. Incense sticks are used in religious rituals and meditation in many countries around the world.

The incense sticks are really simple to produce. You’ll get an automatic or semi-automatic computer starting from Rs.75000. You need a small space to make incense sticks.

  1. Handmade Chocolates

Chocolates are shifting moods and are generally always in demand. Chocolate is easy to make at home. You need raw materials such as sugar, ice cream and chocolate packaging.

The production of handmade chocolate can be started with a low investment of Rs.40000 to Rs.50000. This company has a good variety of success rates and earnings.

  1. Handmade candles

Handmade candle making is one of the best business ideas in the world. Candles are typically kept in demand from traditional to religious to decorative purposes during festivals. Candle making will start at home.

You need raw materials such as wax, perfume and string to create a candle. You can start with a handmade candle. You can go for candle-making equipment at a later stage.

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  1. Disposable plates and cups

Disposable plates and cups are used in almost every gathering, picnic and feature. As disposable plates and cups are cheap and easily available, street vendors and hawkers often use them.

This means disposal plates and cups making is still a business choice. Approximate investment of Rs.60000 is needed to start this company.

Best business ideas
Best business ideas
  • Food-based business ideas with low investment

  1. Pickles making

Handmade pickle is the first in the list of low-investment food-based business ideas. This is a traditional business choice, particularly for women.

Pickle is popular both in India and abroad. Pickle making can be started from home, too. There are a number of ways to make pickles. You need a small investment of Rs.25000 to start this company.

  1. Sweet and Snacks

Sweet and Snacks are one of my favorite company concepts. You need to be an expert in producing sweets and snacks. You may also hire people to help make candy and snacks.

Investment needed to start this company is approximately Rs.50000 to Rs.75000. You need a small shop to start this venture.

  1. Tiffin Service

Tiffin service is the evergreen business concept for food lovers. These services are usually required by paying visitors and office workers.

If you are a good cook who can prepare nutritious and tasty food on an economic basis, this is a business for you. You may start this business from home or from a small store. You need to spend approximately Rs.40000 to start tiffin services.

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  1. Home Made Nasta

A lot of people prefer homemade nasta (breakfast). So starting a homemade nasta company might be a really good business choice.

You can start your business from home. Investment needed for this company is within the range of Rs.25000 to Rs.50000. You can pick up your home delivery or employ a spot where you can make nasta.

  1. Tea or Fruit juice kiosk

The tea stall or fruit juice booth is next in the list. You need to spend approximately Rs.15000 to start the tea or fruit juice kiosk.

You need an appropriate spot, ideally near the office, to open a tea or fruit juice kiosk. It’s a very smart business idea with a minimal investment.

  1. Food truck

Food Truck is next on the list of low-investment business concepts. In this market, you need an old truck or a tempo that can be converted to a food truck.

This concept is becoming increasingly popular in India. You need a good cook to make food. You might start with snacks and fast food. Once your truck is famous, you can add a variety of other food items.

Best business ideas
Best business ideas
  • Product-based business ideas with low investment

  1. Computer hardware shop

Computer hardware store is the first product-based business concept. Computers, notebooks and peripherals are in high demand. You can start your business from home, or you can take a small shop to start your business.

You need to figure out who the user is for the machine and IT related product. The expenditure required for this undertaking is 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh.

  1. Newspaper agency

Newspaper agency or newspaper delivery is a successful business choice due to higher commission margins. Paying of the commission takes place rapidly.

As a newspaper agent, you need to collect the newspaper from the factory early in the morning and deliver it. You need distribution of boys and transport arrangements for the same matter.

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  1. Garment business

Cloths The basic necessity of a human being has become a statement of design. People tend to wear stylistic cloths. If you have experience, you can buy fabric at a cheaper price and sell it at a higher price.

The clothing company can be started from home or from a small store. You can start this business with Rs. 50,000.

  1. Flower shop

Opening a flower shop is one of the really successful business choices in India. Flowers are used for giving gifts and for religious purposes.

Flowers are also used in festivals for decoration purposes. You can either get interested in buying and selling flowers or you can grow flowers at the farm and sell them to the customer with a higher profit margin.

Best business ideas
Best business ideas
  • Service-based business ideas with minimal investment

  1. Real estate brokerage services

Real estate brokerage is a low investment company. You need a small shop to start this venture, which can be rented out. This business can be started from home, too. You need to help the customer buy, sell or rent land. The commission will be the profits.

  1. Pest control services

Pest control services is one of the most common business-based services. You need to enter into an annual contract for pest control services in this sector.

You need staff who do on-site pest control services. Investment needed for this company is between Rs.30000 and Rs.80000.

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  1. Tuition and hobby class

You may also start a class or a hobby class. The tutorial class or the hobby class can be started from home. You only need a black board and a few students to start school.

You need to have knowledge of different subjects to start school. Alternate starts a hobby class, such as a drawing class, a dance class or a music class.

  1. Job consultant services

Nice career consultant is in high demand. As a career consultant, you need to help the candidate find a job. You need to have good contact with different employers searching for candidates.

You’ll get the employer’s commission as well as the work seeker. The investment needed for this company is within the range of Rs.40000 to 1 Lakh.

  1. Interior decorator

Interior Decorator is the individual responsible for reusing and embellishing the room. If you have completed a course in civil law or architecture, you will become an interior decorator.

Initially, you need to work hard to find out about your clients. If created, you can make a lot of money as an interior decorator.

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