Best investment options in 2021 | best investment options in India

What are the best investment options in 2021?

ELSS, Real Estate, Gold, Fixed Deposit, PPF, or NPS, Stock Market, Mutual Funds.

Well, there are various options for investing where investors can invest their capital. But, most of the time, it is shown that in choosing the best investment option that gives higher returns, the investor is confused. We will share the 5 Best Investment Options in this post in order to support investors.

Best investment options
Best investment options

Before looking at the best 2021 investment option, let’s look at which investment option has provided the investor with good returns in 2020.

Gold and the stock market have proven to be the best investment choices for investors in 2020. In 2020, Sensex offered investors a return of 13%.

Now let’s take a look at the 2021 Best Investment Options. Please note that for high-risk investors, the investment options given below are high return investment options.

Best Investment Options 2021 | 5 Best Investment Options:

  1. Equity Investment

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The first preference when it comes to the best investment choices for 2021 is the stock market. For high-risk investors, it is an investment option.

The stock market produced excellent returns for investors in 2020 and is expected to produce strong returns in 2021 as well. Below, a few compelling reasons are given.

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Economy Boost

The economy will be strengthened by good vaccine news and the predicted absence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hotels, airlines, restaurants, electricity, real estate, and retail business will benefit from this.

It would also minimize unemployment and result in a rise in domestic investors’ expenditure and investment activity.

The Corporate Earnings Boost

Economic growth and favourable government policies would help to increase corporate earnings. An rise in corporate earnings is positive for the stock market.

Strong corporate earnings would definitely boost the confidence of investors and contribute to a rise in stock prices.

Please note that there is a lot of information needed for the stock market. Before investing, you need to evaluate the stock. From the stock market, you can predict 10-15 percent returns in the long to medium term.

  1. Mutual Funds

Best business ideas
Best business ideas

Investment in Mutual Funds ranks second when it comes to the best investment opportunities for 2021. Compared to the stock market, mutual funds offer lower returns, but they come with opportunities for diversification.

In unpredictable market situations, SIP mutual funds support investors with price fluctuations. It is a high-risk investment choice with high rewards. The reasons for investing in a mutual fund can be found below.

Stock Business performance

Looking at trends and optimistic news, it is only natural that, in 2021, the stock market is expected to offer investors better returns. Investors should expect growth in equity-based mutual funds as the stock market offers better returns.

In decent mutual funds, you can expect 10-12 per cent returns. Investing in mutual funds through the SIP route is advisable.

  1. Gold

Best investment options
Best investment options

The sparkling gold yellow metal is considered by many investors as a safe heaven. Gold has produced good returns for investors on a consistent basis.

At least 2-5 percent of their investment in gold should be held by the investor. Gold is a high-risk investment option with high returns. For the year 2021, the reason for investing in gold is given below.

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Historic returns

Gold has traditionally turned out to be a really good asset for appreciation. In 2020, gold produced returns for investors of 28%. Gold provided 87 percent returns for the investor over the last 10 years (2011-2020). In the last 10 years, gold has produced negative returns just twice.

Other Reasons

Covid-19 is still not finished. There are also lockout situations in a few nations. More problems could be produced by a new COVID virus strain. Gold is the safest and most stable investment choice in a pandemic scenario. For an investor, gold is a comparatively safe investment choice.

  1. Real estate

Best business ideas
Best business ideas

Real Estate for 2021 is also one of the best and most lucrative investment opportunities. The stock market offers dividends and appreciation. Likewise, real estate produces rental revenue over the years as well as appreciation.

As the market properties have less liquidity, they are available at a lower price. For borrowers, home loan rates are low and attractive.

  1. Venture capital

Best investment options
Best investment options

Investment in venture capital means investment in a start-up. You can explore investing capital in start-ups in the year 2021 if you have a lot of cash. Just for the rich investor who has surplus money is it the best investment choice.

It’s a loan offered to new companies. The new company may or may not be able to perform. This implies that, after doing due diligence and proper analysis, venture capital investing should be completed.

Over to you

Equity, mutual funds, gold, real estate and venture capital are the best investment choices for 2021 to summarize.

Depending on your financial target and risk appetite, make sure to pick an investment option. Before investing cash, you should understand the investment option thoroughly.

In 2021, which choice is the best for you? In the comment section given below, let me know.

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