New upcoming IPO 2021 – Latest IPO in India

Upcoming IPO – IPO stands for initial public offering. A lot of money is needed for the business expansion company. The business either invests money from surplus cash or chooses to sell shares to the public for the purpose of raising capital.


Shares are given to institutional investors and to retail investors. The company shall file an application for a red herring prospectus (DHRP) or send a document to SEBI. SEBI shall review the draft document and shall verify if the correct disclosures are made in the offer document.

The IPO price band is determined and the IPO date is published as soon as SEBI approves the proposal. The shares of IPO are distributed to retail and institutional investors at an agreed amount.

After IPO is issued, investors will have the ability to buy shares directly from the stock exchange. The money raised by IPO can be used for the future growth of the business and for the payment of previous debts.

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According to exchange results, a total of 16 companies launched IPO in 2020. Most of the IPOs have had a mixed response from investors. Few IPOs have performed negatively, such as the SBI IPO card.

However, the IPO situation is improving due to favorable business sentiments. Many firms, including LIC and Railtel Corporation, are preparing to launch an IPO in 2021.

In this post, I will share important information about the IPO and details about the upcoming IPO.

What is an Upcoming IPO?


The IPOs that are supposed to be released shortly are known as the upcoming IPOs. This could be named the next IPO.

It is a term commonly used to describe a public offering registered or drawn up with SEBI.

SEBI has accepted the prospectus submitted by the authority and the likely issue date of the IPO has been finalized.

How to subscribe to an IPO?

You need a demat account to sign up to an IPO. You can open a demat account with a full-service broker or with a discount broker.

IPOs are ASBA (application sponsored by a blocked number) which means that you need to block the amount equal to the share applied for.

You need to log in to your account. You will get the IPO portion under the demat account. The IPO section indicates the latest IPO section.

You need to pick an IPO from the organization you want to apply for. You need to enter the share lot and enter the cut-off price when applying.

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How to find IPO allotment status?


To check the status of the IPO allocation, you need to visit the official website of the company’s registrar. The information of this website shall be announced by the organization.

You need to include the information as requested in the Allotment Status section of the website, i.e. select the IPO, enter the PAN number and the DP client ID. This will provide you with details on the IPO allocation.

What is Grey Marketing Premium in IPO?

Grey Market is the market where IPO is traded before it is launched. This is an informal trading session where securities are trading at a higher or lower price than the problem price. This form of trade has no impact on the IPO.

If IPO is selling at a higher price, the so-called IPO is trading at a premium price in the grey market. It is sometimes referred to as the IPO Grey Market Premium.

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Upcoming IPO 2021 – Latest IPO in India

The list of the most popular new Upcoming IPO 2021 is given below:

Issuer Company IPO Size (Cr)
Indian Railway Finance IPO 4500
RailTel IPO 700
Kalyan Jewellers IPO 1750
Bajaj Energy IPO 5450
Lodha Developers IPO 5500
Montecarlo Limited IPO 550
LIC IPO 70000
Indigo Paints 1000
Home First Finance Company 1500
Brookfield REIT 4000-4500

Are you investing your money in the IPO?

What IPO are you going to invest your money in 2021? Please discuss in the comment section below.

Note – We will update the information of the IPO in the 2021 list as soon as the latest information is available.

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